Reliv Independent Distributor
Living to Thrive, Not Just Survive
Unexpected gifts come from unexpected places. Reliv was an unexpected gift in our life. Robert was running a non-profit organization and struggling with fundraising. What began as an opportunity to create some supplemental income for Robert, turned into so much more.

The initial supplemental income allowed Robert to move to Orange County and build a business that that has allowed him a level of freedom where he can now donate his time to non-profit organizations as he feels called to help. It also has allowed us to travel, live comfortably, and explore adventures in life together.

With this unexpected business also have come unexpected health results. Now in our early thirties, we can both say that we are healthier and more active today than we were in our early twenties. We have more energy and don't deal with many of the so-called "normal" issues that friends our age deal with regularly. We feel great and live to thrive, not just survive!